Nicole Scherzinger ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ Music Video

She has no business looking this good (stylishly) dishevelled.

We’ve seen Nicole Scherzinger pose as the temptress of carnal desires in many forms throughout the years but never have we caught her looking this (stylishly) weathered.

Director Rich Lee (the man behind Nicki Minaj/Will.i.Am‘s ‘Check It Out’ promo) has essentially created this deconstructed world for the ex-Pussycat where we, as viewers, are made to see her through a series of blurred, hi-glared shots.

The obscurity – be it with lighting or the veil – gives us an impression of a woman shrouded in despair etc. Lovely high-brow readings aside, it’s not the life changing music video I had hoped for but it’s refreshing nonetheless to see the sexy pop siren in a different light, so to speak.

Check out three highlights of the ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ video:

1) Don’t mind me, driver.

Steamy, non?

2) Sweat it out, gurl.

Here is Nicole looking like she’s barely gonna make it through her ninth hour of labour.

3) Light, wind and freedom.

It’s the universal cues of emancipation: windows wide open, light streaming in, wind lifting your long flowing locks in its embrace… we know how it is.


‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ – produced by Dave Aude – is due for UK digital release on 2o March.

No word on a local release date as yet but our local release schedule tentatively shows a March drop date for Nicole‘s solo album.


  1. I like the video! Though I think it could have been a simultaneous shot in the car, from start to finish… I don’t quite get the scenes in the house.

    On another note, why would they take so long to put the single out for sale?

    • That’s a really good question and the only explanation I can think up is to pull it closer to the album release date?

      Now that Britney’s coming out on the 25th, I’m not sure if Nicole will drop earlier or later. Probably best to slot herself between ‘Femme Fatale’ and May’s ‘Born This Way’ release.

      PS – I’ve been meaning to tell you! I DOWNLOADED CHRISTOPHE WILLEM’s “CAFEINE” ALBUM. Been playing it in my car all day. Love it! Lush, experimental and oh, those vocals are immaculate.

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