Brendan Maclean ‘Cold and Happy’ Music Video

When they said “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly” on this set, you know they weren’t referring to Queen B‘s curves.

Here we see Australian indie pop artist – and a favourite Twitter entertainer of mine – Brendan Maclean join in on a little messy fantastic gelatinous fun with the elderlies. Nothing suss, of course, you sick minded person.


The ‘Cold and Happy’ music video is directed by Peter Ireland (the man behind Scott Spark‘s ‘Fail Like You Mean It’ promo) and as always, some bullshit has to be said about the three highlights presented on film. Please observe:

1) Mmm-hmm.

I love a good “bitch, please” face. But you know what’s better than a good “bitch, please” face? The unexpected appearance of a good “bitch, please” face. The last time I was at bingo, it was one hosted by two drag queens so you know when a number is called out it wasn’t just served with a mmm-hmm expression. There was always some kind of diatribe involved.

Now, this. Is more my kind of bingo host.

2) Brendan’s jelly. On a trolley.

Look at this gay. Such poise! Ya’ll should know that there’s no way I could’ve done this scene without looking like a hungry bottom Virgin Blue queen. So props where props are due.

3) The stank face.

Edna‘s dentures didn’t like the feel of that and she wasn’t about to keep that shit to herself. This memaw rules.


‘Cold and Happy’ is taken from Brendan‘s White Canvas EP, which you may purchase off iTunes here.



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