Jessica Mauboy ‘What Happened To Us’ Music Video

This video has been out for six days and no one notified us? Shame on ya’ll.

It’s good thing we stumbled on it too because ‘What Happened To Us’ not only ends the curse of heinous Jessica Mauboy videos but it’s easily the best thing our R&B princess has committed to film – ever.

See what happens when we pull away from pretentious American productions and just rest it on the laps of magnificent Aussie talents?

Here local director Mark Alston (the man behind Guy Sebastian‘s chic ‘Who’s That Girl?’ video) sets Jessica and duet companion Jay Sean in a stylish Sydney mansion, and has me swooning just a little.

Check out the three highlights of ‘What Happened To Us’:

1) They’re having lobster for brunch.

Well, well, well. What have we here and where was my invite? Maybe she was about to Blackberry Messenger me before her boo threw a fit.

2) Her first home.

Bitch, what? Are you taking me by the hand and leading me to believe that you can afford a pad like this for your first home? Oh, fuck off. Memo to self: make that first home owner loan stretch.

3) Green with envy.

I am, indeed. Everything about this video, mansion and wondrous interior decor is making me green with idealism. Now I’m wishing she had pulled another cinematic wonder with glorious Powerpoint transitions and fluoro orange bike shorts. I would ache less but on the whole, well done, gurl.


Jessica Mauboy and Jay Sean‘s ‘What Happened To Us’ was sent to Aussie radios this week. Ms thang is set to perform at the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Harbour ’11 party next month.

Next stop, I’m petitioning for J Mau to drop a viral video for ‘Handle It’ featuring her gays in sequined leotards. You know you wanna join in.



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