Lil Kim ‘Black Friday’ Music Video

Bitch, this shit is two months too old now. Let it go.

Queen bee Lil Kim isn’t quite done with the pink wig snatching. Here the hip hop vixen steps out with the music video for her much talked about Nicki Minaj diss track: ‘Black Friday’.

We get that the original rap pussay popper felt disrespected when Onika stepped on the scene, essentially swagger jacked Kim‘s image and not homage or acknowledge the woman.

But now that Nicki‘s blown up bigger than Hiroshima, seeing Kim still ass flapping about this diss track that leaked months ago seem terribly desperate and petty. Check out the music video here:

Evidently, the production is low rent as hell and if she’s expecting for this to go viral – great. It probably would have, had it been released when the feud was still newsworthy.

On the plus side, Kim is looking finer than a pool full of million dollar bills gently drizzled over with Cristal. Don’t think I’ve ever seen her in quite so many shades of diva magnificence before. Kudos there.


Lil Kim‘s Black Friday mixtape is available to download from her website. Not for free, bitches. No. That won’t pay the repayments on that rental Lamborghini she was zooming around in.

The mixtape cover art features some glorious amateur budget artistry that really should be honoured in the Coverlandia Hall of Fame. I’m sorry, your highness. But that calls for an epic Onika snortcackle.

Black Friday also contains a track titled ‘Pissin’ On Em’, which is a Kim diss rap done to the tune of Nicki‘s album track ‘Did It On ‘Em’.

According to Kim, the mixtape had sold over 113,000 copies in its first day – making it Paypal’s #1 seller. Pause. Since when did Paypal rank sales? Also, keep in mind that your average US Billboard #1 record manages over 50,000 copies a week.


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  1. Pause why is there a Nicki look a like in the video. As. thought Kim did it first it looks way better on Nicki Minaj. Im just saying.

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