Britney Spears ‘Hold It Against Me’ Music Video

14 micro trailers, a draining two week-hype campaign, and it’s all come down to this.

I was albeit a few hours tardy to the ‘Hold It Against Me’ premiere party but judging by the ho-hum response and dead stillness on the interwebs, it doesn’t seem like anyone’s life has changed dramatically since Britney graced us with her new video.

Director Jonas Akerlund – who is famed for Lady Gaga/Beyonce‘s iconic ‘Telephone’ video – hemmed a hi-tech, fluorescent and awkwardly fragmented production that revolves around three critical headline grabbing components: the Britney vs Britney smack down, the homage to her extensive music videography, and the much tweeted about Brian Friedman choreography.

Yet, despite all the hype and flickers of fabulosity, ‘Hold It Against Me’ is – at best – an almost there Britney video for me. Here are my thoughts on the legendary popstar’s immense new visuals:

1) Hello mami, I’m home.

Gays, when was the last time Queen BritBrit enjoyed our exclusive company in a video? Without overthinking the moment, I’m gonna drop a limp wrist and say ‘never’. This, right here, is just the way god had intended it to be.

2) Homage to the Princess of MTV.

Supremely symbolic. Dressed in all white and rising in a tower of TV screens that light up with her most iconic music videos – not only does this signify some kind of rebirth for Brit but it’s an apt celebration of her contribution to pop culture. Easily my favourite sequence in the video.

I suppose, only time will tell whether Femme Fatale – and its accompanying video/singles – will become an essential part of B‘s immense pop history but I have a good feeling about this era.

3) So, what about that dance breakdown?

Rather than stepping up and absolutely murdering that frenetic dub step breakdown with some career-defining choreography, they decided to distract you from this missed opportunity with a Britney vs Britney scrag fight instead. Let me just say, cheap thrill-seeking sequences like that don’t make for an iconic video.

Instead, what we were all looking for here is that return to ferocity that choreographer Brian Friedman was hyping for months. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing D-grade about the efforts we’ve witnessed here.

It just seemed like ‘Hold It Against Me’ was sketched as an epic dance video in concept, but somewhere along the creative assembly line it picked up a few quirks and visual gimmickry that detracted from its simple, original purpose – and that was to reinstate Britney as the queen of energetic and highly kinetic music videos.

I would’ve appreciated a simpler production that focused its creativity on supporting that purpose, as opposed to a craftily edited montage of disparate themes. Perhaps, Jonas wasn’t the best fit to direct a dance video after all.


What do you make of the ‘Hold It Against Me’ video?

Britney Spears‘ forthcoming seventh studio album Femme Fatale is out in Australia on 25 March.



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