Leak Report: Britney Spears ‘Inside Out’ (Snippet)

I have no regard for anyone losing control of their bowels and fangurling over a warped 15-second snippet of this new Britney track.

Album executive producer – Dr Luke – tweeted earlier today about a Brit teaser and after an overwhelming response to hear a snippet as opposed to just a lyric, here comes a breath-long preview of a track tentatively titled ‘Inside Out’.

Take a listen and if you must, get excited over shit all:


Life-changing, I know. The snippet – which was uploaded on Dr Luke‘s newly acquired Soundcloud account – has so far been played over 64,000 times.

Please don’t fucking tease us with 14 micro snippets of new B songs. At the end of the day, as much as Brit stans care and get moist over these things, nobody wins in a long drawn out hype campaign.


Britney‘s forthcoming Femme Fatale record is due 25 March in Australia.

The record is masterminded by hit makers Dr Luke and Max Martin, and will reportedly feature productions by Will.i.Am. There’s been an entire roll call of songwriters and the finest pop producers enlisted along the way but nothing’s been confirmed other than the aforementioned.

I mean, Ke$ha has come out saying that she’s written a track for the album titled ‘Till The World Ends’, but who knows if it’ll make the cut. All shall be revealed shortly.


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