X Factor’s Mahogany readies debut single: ‘Thank You’

Australia, this could singlehandedly end our country’s crippling girl band drought.

Our very own X Factor revelation – Mahogany – is set to drop their debut single ‘Thank You’ on iTunes in just a “few days”.

It’s been a good few months since the series ended, so the sisters have uploaded a video update to get ya’ll reacquainted with the band and tease us with footage of studio time.

OK. Pause.

Good to know that vocal queen bee Erana Clark (who ya’ll will know as the vocal coach on Australian Idol) is running ship here. The ladies are in safe hands and quality is assured. Secondly, the sonics are sounding just like what Mahogany fans ordered: pop/R&B with air-tight harmonies.


‘Thank You’ is a cover of the 1995 Boyz II Men hit that we first heard the ladies perform during the X Factor auditions last year. Perfect and utterly relevant song choice, innit?

Keep up with Mahogany‘s gigs and music updates on Facebook.


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