Chart Feed – 21.02.11

Lady Gaga‘s ‘Born This Way’ has broken ARIA chart record to be the biggest first week seller in Australia since Anthony Callea‘s ‘The Prayer’ back in 2004, according to AuspOp. ‘Born This Way’ effortlessly topped the charts here with certified gold sales, which usually denotes over 35,000 copies sold, and – as expected – it was also the most added new song to radios last week.

The new single also debuted straight at #1 in the US, making it her highest Billboard chart debut since ‘Bad Romance’, which only managed to enter at #9. Even more special, ‘Born This Way’ became the 1000th #1 single recorded in Billboard history and the 19th one ever to debut straight at the top.

Adele has become the first artist to have two singles and two albums in the UK Top five since The Beatles did so in 1964. Following the Brit Awards performance, her newest single ‘Someone Like You’ stormed to the top of the charts while its predecessor ‘Rolling In The Deep’ sits at #4. Adele‘s current album 21 remains in #1 position while her 2008 debut 19 sits at #4 this week. Believe it or not, ‘Someone Like You’ is Adele‘s very first UK #1 single. Tear jerker of the year, anyone?

Mumford & Sons are also enjoying a post-Brit Awards boost with their album Sigh No More rising to #2 this week in the UK. Elsewhere, Tinie Tempah‘s Disc-Overy rises to #6 there and makes a debut on our Aussie digital charts at #42.

Ke$ha‘s second Cannibal single ‘Blow’ starts charting at #24 in Australia this week. If it hadn’t been for the polarising demand for ‘Born This Way’, this track would’ve been the most added new track to Aussie radios. ‘Blow’ is co-written by Klas Ahlund, who is famed for working with Robyn and co-penning Britney‘s ‘Piece of Me’. Ke$ha is set to drop a remix album – imaginatively titled The Remix Album – here on 18 March. Stay tuned for the artwork and tracklisting.

Diddy – Dirty Money‘s biggest smash yet ‘Coming Home’ has finally cracked Australia, climbing to #13 this week. The rap mogul’s R&B/hip hop collective is made up of ex-Danity Kane diva Dawn Richard and upcoming singer/songwriter Kalenna Harper. However, this track features another soon-to-be ubiquitous artist – Skylar Grey – who ya’ll will also know as the vocalist on Eminem‘s latest single ‘I Need A Doctor’. Skylar is also credited as a co-writer on Slim‘s international smash: ‘Love The Way You Lie’.

Michael Buble‘s Crazy Love album finally knocks Pink from the top of the ARIAs after an unwavering 14-week reign. The crooner’s currently on tour swooning Aussie fans and charming TV watchers to no end, so it’s kinda expected. The Crazy Love tour will serenade Melbourne fans in Rod Laver Arena this week.

Hillsong United‘s latest worship album Aftermath is the most downloaded album in Australia this week. Pause. The monster Pentecostal church’s record debuted at #4 on the main charts, making it the biggest selling new album in the country. Praise Allah.

Cut Copy‘s Zonoscope drops ten places to #13 this week but fear not, the Melbourne band has released a marvy new video to whet your appetite. Check out the visuals for the second single ‘Need You Now’:

Zonoscope debuts at #46 on the US Billboard 200 this week and #5 on the Billboard Indie Album chart.

American electro dub step meister Skrillex‘s new EP – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites – debuts at #9 on our Aussie digital charts this week. His biggest mainstream acknowledgement to date is probably for the ace remixes of Gaga‘s ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Alejandro’ – the former was included on the Japanese edition of Mother Monster‘s The Remix compilation. Skrillex has been picked up by Warner Music Australia’s boutique dance label Neon Records, which currently house heavyweights like TV Rock, Denzal Park and Zoe Badwi.

Zoe Badwi‘s new single ‘Accidents Happen’ debuts at #50 on the ARIA club charts this week. Take a listen to the remixes issued to the dance floor here, courtesy of Fabian Gray & Emanuele, and I Am Sam:

Roxette‘s Charm School debuts at #32 on our Aussie digital charts this week. This marks the popular Swedish duo’s first album of original material in 10 years.

Take That‘s romping new single ‘Kidz’ shoots to #31 in the UK this week. Why has it taken so long to drop a follow up to ‘The Flood’? I guess, it don’t matter what single’s on the radio if your album’s already selling so damn well. It’s been said for awhile that ‘SOS’ could be the follow up track but I wholeheartedly approve either way. Can’t wait to see what they come up with for the video. ‘Kidz’ – the single – will feature a previously unreleased track titled ‘Rocket Ship’.

Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith‘s ‘Never Say Never’ shoots to #49 on the UK charts this week following a little Grammy fever. Trivia: Travis Garland recorded a demo of the track, which was originally titled ‘Sexy Together’. Bieber basically came in and re-wrote it to something more age and demographic appropriate. I’m sure you can find ‘Sexy Together’ somewhere on the interwebs, if you’re hard keen enough. Never Say Never: The Remixes is out in Australia this Friday.

You know how the American charts bore me senseless, right? Check out this new addition Billboard has introduced to their all inclusive chart family. The Billboard Uncharted – which launched last month in the US – ranks artists who have yet to appear on any Billboard charts but have been gaining popularity through internet media. The chart data is determined by views from social media sites like YouTube, MySpace and Twitter etc. Interesting stuff for us taste makers who are always looking for the next fresh thing.

Check out this week’s Uncharted chart and see who’s making a splash. The only artists I’ve come across so far are Girl TalkPomplamoose, Anna Calvi, Hayden Panatierre (yes, hurr) and Sam Tsui (YouTube his emotive piano based cover of Britney‘s ‘Hold It Against Me’).



  1. Glad that a song like “Someone Like You” managed to top the chart, it’s quite a feat in this day and age! But I don’t know, the song just doesn’t do it for me (though I believe it would have… some 3 years ago ;) it’s just overtly emotional, “wearing your heart on your sleeve” much? And I just don’t find it as heart-wrenching or, well, as good as “Hometown Glory” … I just think you shouldn’t put out a song *that* personal as a single. But hey, if it gives you a number-one, then good for you… :D

    • I think it’s so important, for a pop single anyway, to be a track that almost anyone can relate to. And ‘Someone Like You’ does just that! On top of that, it’s just the kind of music people have associated with Adele – especially after ‘Make You Feel My Love’ got so huge.

      I don’t think there’s ever a track that’s “too personal” to be a single. Obviously, as a songwriter you want to keep some things to yourself but it’s also brilliant to have a personal song become one that so many people can relate to.

      PS – I love ‘Hometown Glory’ too!

  2. In that sense, I agree with your first remark. But my point with a single being “too personal” is that, I’ve often wondered what it’s like for an artist to score a hit whose lyrics come from a very personal place, or talk about a very specific situation (the most common case here is a break-up.) They will have to perform that song pretty much for the rest of their life (or career), and I’m wondering if every time they perform that song, they will constantly be reminded of that experience, and how that must feel like. I’m thinking, that can’t be nice… imagine Alanis Morissette still rocking out “You Oughta Know” now when she’s a mother! But I don’t know, I could be just exaggerating, perhaps that song no longer means that much (or even anything) to them, perhaps it’s become *just a song* for them.

    BUT in the case of “Someone Like You”, though, I just find it uncomfortable listening to someone baring their heart and soul *that* openly… you know, especially with that BRIT performance when she kind of broke down. That was a bit too much for me! I mean, there’s a difference between a song like that and “Try Sleeping with A Broken Heart”, there’s a certain edge musically to the latter which saves it from being overtly sentimental, but “Someone Like You” is so stripped-down, there’s not much to it musically, that it just turns me off eventually! Haha, can’t believe a song has made me talk so much… but well, maybe it’s just me! Obviously people love it and have turned it into a number-one hit, so…

    • Yeah, you’re right. It’s definitely a constant reminder but we’ve also seen it in so many instances where an artist has overperformed the hell out of an emotive song, and it’s just a matter of routine.

      That’s the worst! It’s sad if it gets to that stage. As for the sonic nature of ‘Someone Like You’ being so stripped back – yeah it definitely makes it that little bit more unbearable than something with a kicking beat.

      Having said that, something like Sophie and Freemasons’ ‘Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer’ gets me all sombre too – and that’s like a massive emotive ballad with four-to-the-floor beats!

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