Cher Lloyd’s TBC album ready for pre-order

Aren’t we getting a little ahead of ourselves?

UK X Factor femmecee extraordinaire Cher Lloyd has put up her yet to be titled – and as far as we’re aware – yet to be completed debut solo album for pre-order on, HMV and Amazon.

Gurl, why? I understand that the X Factor Live tour is happening this minute and it’s marvelous to strike while you’ve got everyone’s attention but how about giving us something proper to work with?

Make it a single or an EP – anything that’s actually ready to go now or the next two months? An album that’s due in August? Whatever, Syco. I’ll check back later.

Meanwhile, you can peep on Cher‘s studio progress in this here vlog where she mentions recording seshs with The Runaways (songwriting/production team behind some Natasha Bedingfield and Keri Hilson hits) and RedOne:

If anything, this “album pre-order” flag for attention seems desperate in a midst of Mary Byrne’s forthcoming release and One Direction‘s growing online presence.

Mind you, Tesco Empress Mary hasn’t even got a website hooked up yet and she’s got an album due next month. Get your act together, Sony.


Cher Lloyd‘s yet-to-be-titled record is slated for a 22 August release.

The cover art pictured is obviously not the final one. I mean, there’s a hibiscus motif on there for fuck’s sake. What are we? Making prints for Billabong board shorts now?

Whatever it is, I can’t wait to hear what sort of wonder she’s gonna unleash on us. Please, let it be a killer.


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