Hurts ‘Sunday’ Music Video

The new high priests of moody synth pop – Hurts – has emerged with a video for their new single ‘Sunday’. Needless to say, it’s yet another immaculately melancholy production to complement the duo’s style.

‘Sunday’ was always the most obvious single choice from their critically acclaimed Happiness album but for awhile I thought they had stopped launching tracks from this record.

Director W.I.Z. (the genius behind Jamelia‘s wonderful ‘See It In A Boy’s Eyes’ video) filmed the minimalist production in Romania giving us a brilliant juxtaposition of the stark snow-covered accident scene and a technicolour contemporary “underworld” sequence, where our protagonist Theo goes to claim back his lover.

We can all appreciate the reference to “Orpheus’ temptation” here wrapped in a haunting “don’t look back” message, can’t we? Good.

Check out three scene-stealing moments in the ‘Sunday’ music video:

1) Don’t look back.

Stylishly printed backward, intended to be read when one is looking in the rearview mirror: genius. Classic Russian-influenced typography: how very useful in setting the scene for our viewers.

2) Orange you glad for colour?

The best part about the ‘Sunday’ video is undoubtedly this dramatic cut between black and white sobriety and a synthetic, colour-intensive underworld full of wooden characters. Because Theo is so full of life himself, it really serves as a doubly magnificent contrast.

3) Perspex keys.

Imagine if we created a Tron-fashioned record label listening party. This would be the accessory du jour.


‘Sunday’ will be released in the UK this Sunday – the CD single will feature a previously unreleased track ‘Live Like Heroes’ while the digital bundle will contain remixes courtesy of Seamus Haji and Tom Flynn.

It’s wishful thinking, I know, but I really hope Aussie radios get served this one.


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