X Factor’s Sally Chatfield readies debut single: ‘Recovery’

March could well be a very good month for Aussie X Factor alumnis.

Our 2010 series runner up Sally Chatfield has tweeted that her debut single ‘Recovery’ will be released online “very soon”.

The 21-year old singer announced that the new track – accompanied with two b-sides – will be launched on most iTunes stores around the world including the US, UK, Europe, Japan and New Zealand and get this, Ms Sally has been asking fans to design a cover art for the release, indicating in her brief that there’ll be a physical CD version too.

This news comes mighty timely as fellow show mate Mahogany also announced last week that they’re ready to release their first single. Are ya’ll excited to finally hear some new music from your Aussie X Factor faves?

Think it’s time to let us have it, ladies.


Sally Chatfield‘s ‘Recovery’ is now out on iTunes. For all the latest happenings in her world, check on her Facebook page.

Congrachoolations to Paula Albers for the above winning ‘Recovery’ cover art design.



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