Sophie Ellis-Bextor ‘Not Giving Up On Love’ Live on Lorraine

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t ask myself, when the fuck is SEB gonna drop that fourth studio album of hers.

If it’s any consolation, the divine British pop goddess has returned to the promo circuit to flog her Armin Van Buuren collabo: ‘Not Giving Up On Love’. Even though, the video and single came out like six months ago on his label.

Are we to believe that Fascination Records is now gonna pitch this as Sophie‘s new single and start servicing it to commercial pop stations? Here she is pimping that track with every bit of vigour her body can impress on that complex choreography:

This performance started off so subliminally cruisey that you’re forgiven if you had thought diva here was miming – as a lot of folks do for breakfast TV. Shame it took for that massive screech for the top note to alert us that she’s actually singing live.

Poor Sophie, that little vocal mishap totally broke her stride.

Can’t you see the pain in her eyes as she trotted along the second half looking like someone had just kicked her puppy? Never mind, gurl. It can’t have been easy belting this live at such an ungodly hour.


‘Not Giving Up On Love’ is already out on iTunes Australia.

Murmurs about that album drop date has once again surfaced and this time around, Mademoiselle SEB is zipping her lips in fear of further upsetting fans should the record get pushed back again.



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