Wynter Gordon ‘Putting It Out There (Pride)’ Single Details

Talk about the golden goose of all perfectly timely anthems!

Wynter Gordon‘s gay anthem ‘Putting It Out There (Pride)’ has just been revealed as the official theme song of our Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras 11′.

The track – produced by Justin Trugman – was first uploaded three months ago as Wynter‘s submission for the “It Gets Better” campaign. You can read more about Wynter‘s inspiration for writing ‘Pride’ here in our interview.

Check on the fabulous final single mix:


The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras tie-in is pure genius. There really isn’t a more appropriate time if you consider her recent chart success here, the festival timing and of course, the song’s lyrical content.

Australia is the first and only country so far to have given Wynter‘s solo breakthrough – ‘Dirty Talk’ – a #1 placement on a main singles chart. If there is anywhere in the world hungrier and more deserving of fresh Wynter choons, it’ll be us and let’s face it, she loves her gays.

Ya’ll already know that, right. Queens, am I not preaching to the choir here?


Wynter Gordon‘s ‘Putting It Out There (Pride)’ will be released on Australian iTunes on 4 March. My rainbow family, let’s get behind this.

Event organisers still won’t confirm whether Wynter will be performing at the Mardi Gras Party next Saturday. It’s all part of their big reveal but, seriously, as if you won’t bring the girl out to perform your official theme song?

Word is, upcoming pop sensation Alexis Jordan is also set to hit the Party stage. What am I doing without a ticket to this event?



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