Leak Report: Britney Spears ‘Seal It With A Kiss’ (Teaser)

Another preview of a Femme Fatale track, courtesy of album producer chief Dr Luke.

Now this one sounds more like a groovy pop number that should be placed somewhere in the middle to end part of the album? It’ll be that nice gem that tides you over kinda like what ‘Ooh Ooh Baby’ did for Blackout.

Take a listen to the preview:


I sense the hysteria won’t be anywhere on par with the Will.i.Am produced ‘The Big Fat Bass’ or Bloodshy & Avant engineered ‘How I Roll’, we’re all getting a better sense of what Femme Fatale‘s gonna be like now.

My opinion’s still the same. This record will be slay because the sonics are very right now yet it’s still a nod to the kind of pop production that’s become synonymous with Brit‘s brand.


Britney has shied away from talking to the media in recent years, so you really have to pull up a chair when she finally obliges to an interview.

Read V Magazine‘s latest chinwag with the legendary pop star where she talks about Femme Fatale, adores on her boys, and tells us that she loves Christina Aguilera‘s ‘Woohoo’.

Brit‘s V spread was shot by acclaimed fashion photographer Mario Testino and you can check out the lovely tri-fold cover here as revealed by E! News.

“The bitch is back and better than ever”Britney.


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