Leak Report: Kelly Rowland feat. Lil Wayne ‘Motivation’

So long, dance music commander. Kelly Rowland has officially retreated to make baby makin’ R&B cuts.

We should’ve known better than to expect for Ms Kelly to pull the trigger with another killer dance anthem. If ‘Motivation’ is indeed a sign of what’s to come, I think it’s safe to say that an urban-inflected studio album is on the way for this flawless diva who can’t seem to catch a solo smash.

While there’s nothing incriminating about ‘Motivation’ per se, it’s definitely far from the life-changing and immediate hit she desperately needs right now. This track could sit itself down with the other mid-tempo fillers on her last album and you wouldn’t even notice.

I have officially removed myself from discussions of this track because I think it’s best to see how urban music fans react to this. I mean, take a listen. She couldn’t have been more blatant about getting back in their good books.

“Push harder, you’re almost there now. So go lover, make mama proud… and when we’re done, I don’t wanna feel my legs.” Pause.

Hat tip to Pinboard Blog for the clip.

Feed Limmy verdict:  nonchalant snap.

Mighty snap = this is a hit.
Bounce snap = instantly likeable.
Lightbulb snap = you will need a moment to get into this.
Nonchalant snap = need I say more?
No snap = please cease and decease.


Kelly Rowland feat. Lil Wayne‘s ‘Motivation’ is co-written by Rico Love (the man behind Beyonce‘s untouchable ‘Sweet Dreams’) and produced by Jim Jonsin (who produced the defining Michelle Williams track ‘Hello Heartbreak’).

Expect for Kelly to confirm the official release date for ‘Motivation’ and of course, that elusive third studio album soon.



  1. Much as I’m digging this joint RIGHT HURR! (why the nonchalant snap, Lim Lim?) I’m a tad bit disappointed with her. She was the first American act to succeed in jumping into the dance-pop bandwagon, yet she seems to have left that to chance. I don’t know if it was her own decision or not, but man, dare I say she’s screwed. If she could have just pulled off a Flesh Tone last year, she would be good now and could release that R&B/urban album later this year. But well…

    That aside, I don’t quite like her vocal on this track, it’s a bit high-pitched and doesn’t bring out the sensual tone of the song. And the lyrics, well… just cringeworthy.

    • It was a nonchalant snap because I just can’t with this track… I had to be carried out on a stretcher because my spirit was crushed by the weight of this epic letdown.

      I completely agree with everything you’ve said about ‘Motivation’ and I’ve heard one or two good things said about it already, so I guess, not all is lost for this record.

      It will find love with urban music lovers – somehow. “Flesh Tone” itself was such a gamble for Kelis but it paid off handsomely because it established her in the dance circuit.

      Don’t forget she copped backlash from the urban community for it and I guess, maybe Team Kelly wasn’t ready for her to be treated the same.

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