Damien Leith “Roy” Album Details

Australian Idol warbler Damien Leith is dropping a Roy Orbison tribute album.

Thing is, I really like Damien but I haven’t felt the slightest desire to inspect his choons since the amazing ‘Night of My Life’ and ’22 Steps’.

Roy – the forthcoming tribute album – is Damo’s second covers record and for the project, he has worked with acclaimed hit makers like Damon Elliott (man behind Gwen Stefani and Pink records), Stuart Crichton (producer for Delta and Kylie), Marti Frederikson (think: Aerosmith and Faith Hill), and Wayne Connolly (producer behind Josh Pyke and Sarah Blasko).

We haven’t been shown the final tracklisting but it will definitely contain the classics like ‘Pretty Woman’, ‘Dream Baby’, ‘Only The Lonely’ and ‘Crying’ (which Damo performed on Australian Idol back in 2006 and earned an earth-shattering touchdown).

This is the only official tribute album released to coincide with what would’ve been the late Roy Orbison‘s 75th birthday.

We’re told that Roy‘s widow and president of Orbison Music, Barbara Orbison, has given her blessing and is on board as the record’s executive producer.


Roy will hit Aussie stores on 15 April.



  1. hmmm… interesting. Leith grabbed my attention with his Orbison effort in Idol and I’m guessing he’ll be spot on again with this album. Good luck to the guy!
    Incidentally, you need to check out his last originals album ‘Remember June’ – definitely worth a look to see what else he can do.

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