Ke$ha’s Remix Album Details

Why can’t she just put out an album of ambient trip hop featuring traditional Icelandic throat singing?

Serial party starter Ke$ha is dropping her very first remix compilation featuring new mixes of tracks previously purveyed on her Animal/Cannibal albums.

I Am The Dance Commander + I Command You To Dance: The Remix Album [Editor’s note: anyone see that mighty Kelly Rowland wigsnatch?] contains one new recording titled ‘Fuck Him He’s A DJ’.

Check on the final tracklisting here:

1 – Blow (Cirkut Remix)
2 – The Sleazy Remix (feat. Andre 3000)
3 – TiK ToK (Untold Remix)
4 – Fuck Him He’s A DJ
5 – Animal (Switch Remix)
6 – Your Love Is My Drug (Dave Aude Club Remix)
7 – We R Who We R (Fred Falke Club Remix)
8 – Take It Off (Billboard Remix)
9 – TiK ToK (Chuck Buckett’s Veruca Salt Remix)
10 – Blah Blah Blah (DJ Skeet Skeet Radio Remix)


Ke$ha‘s remix album is out here on 18 March. There’s a different tracklisting for a Japanese edition. True fans, that’s the one you wanna grab.



  1. Fuck him hes a dj is actually an old guessing they remasered it? hehe but its def out =]

    • Oh heck yeah, it’s old! But it was never formally released until now which is a nice treat for her long time fans, I guess. Look forward to new material from the bitch.

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