Michael Jackson ‘Hollywood Tonight’ Single Details

Do you really wanna know?

Here we go again with another release from Michael Jackson‘s first posthumous studio album Michael.

There was much uproar and excitement when the LP of previously unreleased MJ material first surfaced last year, with many folks – myself included – believing that it’s kinda wrong to put out tracks that MJ himself didn’t deem “ready” when he was still alive.

Nevertheless, the world is still hongray for more MJ and Michael actually went #1 in several countries, reaching platinum sales in the UK, Germany, France, China and Canada. So far, it has shipped over 3 million units worldwide –  it’ll be interesting to see if a new single and video will generate more buzz for the record.

‘Hollywood Tonight’ is set to hit airwaves and music video networks next week. The track was written during the Invincible era (The King’s last studio album) but Michael had it retrieved from the archives in 2007 to re-work it with producer Theron “Neff-U’ Feemster.


Michael Jackson‘s ‘Hollywood Tonight’ single and video will impact media on 14 March.


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