Nicole Scherzinger “Killer Love” Album Details and Tracklisting

I was in denial about this cover art for so long.

Ex-Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger is officially going ahead with take two of the solo career and despite all the teasings of a “dangerous” record, the above imagery is wrongly projecting vibes of a homebody with a preference for wicker furniture and white oleander-scented linen.

Gurl, stop sending me mixed messages and bring back the fierce pop villainess swag we got wet for in ‘Poison’.

Killer Love features new productions from RedOne, Dave Aude and The-Dream but thankfully, she’s also releasing ‘Power’s Out’ featuring Sting – a gem from her scrapped Her Name is Nicole album.

Having heard the below preview, I’m not holding out for a life changing arena-sized pop album no more. Take a listen and tell us what chu think:


What a thrilling shade of beige.

Check on the final album tracklisting as per UK’s HMV:

1 – Poison
2 – Killer Love
3 – Don’t Hold Your Breath
4 – Right There
5 – You Will Be Loved
6 – Wet
7 – Say Yes
8 – Club Banger Nation
9 – Power’s Out
10 – Desperate
11 – Everybody
12 – Heartbeat (feat. Enrique Iglesias) [Rudi Wells’ Open Heart Remix]
13 – Casualty
14 – AmenJena

I’ll have you know that ‘Killer Love’ is an utter obsession for me.

There are moments in a day where I just lock myself away from civilisation and just have that track on repeat, imagining a glamourous me shooting the video in a leather catsuit running amok on a futuristic paintball set.


Nicole‘s Killer Love is set for a 21 March release in the UK.

The latest single ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ will drop on 13 March in the UK.



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