Junior Boys “It’s All True” Album Details and Tracklisting

I might not look it when I’m stomping around the house to Rupaul remixes but I really do dig Junior Boys music.

The Canadian indie electro band is stepping back with a brand new album – It’s All True – and it’s shaping up to be a bold affair.

Parts of the album were written and recorded in Shanghai, and we’re told that tracks like ‘Itchy Fingers’ sports an “exotic middle eight” featuring local musicians. 

But on the whole, It’s All True is said to be a very sonically varied collection of choons – going from sparse minimalistic electronica (‘Playtime’) through to pop stompers (‘You’ll Improve Me’ and ‘A Truly Happy Ending’) and finally finishing on a nine-minute epic (‘Banana Ripple’ – which serves as the LP’s first single).

The intriguing artwork is actually a snap taken by Jeremy Greenspan’s sister of the UK Pavilion in Shanghai. And with that, it almost immediately gives the record a more abstract and complex flavour.

We’ll just have to wait and hear, I guess.

In the meantime, check on the official album tracklisting here:

1 – Itchy Fingers
2 – Playtime
3 – You’ll Improve Me
4 – A Truly Happy Ending
5 – The Reservoir
6 – Second Chance
7 – Kick The Can
8 – ep
9 – Banana Ripple


Junior Boys‘ It’s All True will be released in Australia on 17 June. ‘Banana Ripple’ will precede the LP release featuring remixes courtesy of The Field and Tom Moulton.

Grab your free download of the new album track ‘ep’ here via Domino.


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