Yelle ‘Safari Disco Club/ Que Veux-tu’ Music Video

I’ve heard of double A-side singles but a double A-side music video?

You might as well, if you’re already going in for the quick change.

Here we see sensational French electro pop artiste Yelle bringing out the animal for her ‘Safari Disco Club/ Que Veux-tu’ video and mind you, for the most part it’s rocking just the kind of couture chic stylings that’s so en vogue these days.


Grace Jones has been doing it for years but in a post-Gaga world, every female popstar now feels the pressure to rock quirky avant garde designs. I’m completely fascinated – even if the feeling occasionally borders on ennui – with the emphasis on costumes and not ready-to-wear fashion in music videos these days. And really, queens, why should it look ordinary?

This is not real life. Music videos should always be a fantasy world.

Check out three moments of wonder in Yelle‘s double video:

1) Giraffe print catsuit.

Love how on point the bitch is re: ‘Safari Disco Club’ giving that bit of continuity in the second half of the video.

2) And that’s how you shimmy, Limmy.

This screen cap does no justice for the point I’m about to make about Yelle‘s hyperkinetic shimmy. Fucking bulldozes and paves over this queen’s drunken efforts.

3) Oh boy.

No shade to the divine Ms Yelle but I’ve just finished a marathon lap of Rupaul’s Drag Race and all I can see is glimmers of amateur tranma in this. Pad it out, gurl. Pad it out.


Yelle‘s Safari Disco Club album is out now across parts of Europe and will be released in the UK on 21 March and the US on 29 March.

Cannot wait to get into it!


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