Tatiana ‘Spider Web’ Music Video

Polish pop siren Tatiana is ready to let you have it.

Here with her first international single ‘Spider Web’ – which made its UK debut last week on BBC Radio 2 – the pop singer is not only giving elegant pop balladry but she’s dishing it up with plenty of sparkle and poise.

Tatiana comes from a soul pop background and so it’s with great interest to see her working with Tim Hutton – the man behind many of Groove Armada‘s hits including the fierce ‘Song 4 Mutya’ – for her debut international album.


‘Spider Web’ is produced by Denis Ingoldsby [Editor’s note: Oh my gawd. I can’t even. This man co-wrote Louise‘s hyperamazing 90s pop single ‘Naked’] and Andy Murray (hit maker for Gary Barlow and Craig David).

Here are three moments of sheer eleganza in Tatiana‘s ‘Spider Web’ video. Lap it up, queens:

1) Disco Bot Tatiana.

I just found my next DIY accessory inspiration.

2) Temptress Tatiana.

Cape whisked by the wind, sultry glances – it’s giving me all the same fever as Girls Aloud‘s almighty descend for ‘Sexy… No No No!’ circa Tangled Up tour.

3) Sparkly things.

I see glitter, sequins and diamonds raining all over this video. Us gays didn’t stand a chance.


Tatiana‘s ‘Spider Web’ will be released on iTunes internationally on 18 April.


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