Jennifer Lopez ‘I’m Into You’ and ‘Papi’ Promo Singles

We’ve seen this promo strategy work wonders for a few major pop releases last year and now J.Lo wants in!

The diva extraordinaire is not letting this comeback ship sail unless she knows it can go full steam ahead from the word ‘go!’. Here to whet our appetites for her much delayed Love? album, Jennifer Lopez is launching two digital promo singles in the lead up to the LP drop.

Be still my heart. I don’t think you’re ready for this kitsch 90s eleganza. Here’s the heads up of what’s to come:

First, J.Lo will be releasing the urban inflected ‘I’m Into You’ (featuring Lil’ Wayne) on iTunes on 5 April. Then, ‘Papi’ will be uploaded two weeks later on 19 April and finally, a third promo single – ‘Love?’ – will be released on 26 April, a week before the album comes out.

It’s a similar digital single promo strategy we’ve seen Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Ke$ha use for their album launch last year – and it works! The concept is simple. There’s new choons leaking all the time, so the idea of releasing one single and hoping it would be enough to sustain your audience’s interest for two months doesn’t really work any more.

Keep the blogosphere jumping, keep giving us something new to work with, keep giving your fans more to new music talk about – and that’s how you pull up hype for your album launch.


Jennifer Lopez‘s Love? album is out in the US on 3 May. Here in Australia, it’ll get a digital release on 22 April and a physical CD release the following week, according to Auspop.

The album’s lead single ‘On The Floor’ became mami’s second ever Australian #1 single this week. I see no reason why Australia can’t be included on this promo single campaign. As a nation, we’re all ears.


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