Kat Deluna ‘Dancing Tonight’ Music Video

Our favourite debutantess of Europop – Kat Deluna – is back with a new video purveying more genres of dance than you can fit into an episode of Strictly Come Dancing.

It’s back to business as usual for the Dominicana diva after the interwebs whisked up some controversy about the blatantly obvious similarities between Kat‘s previous single ‘Party O’Clock’ and J.Lo‘s new global smash ‘On The Floor’.

Smug smiles all around for Kat stans, it won’t be long before the world recognises the true game changer in the midst of this. Meanwhile, it’s onto single numero trois from her European album Inside Out, which will serve as the project’s first US single.


Here are three points to be made of the ‘Dancing Tonight’ video:

1) Eye patch.

Relentless eleganza oozing forth from this bath tub scene.

2) Strictly dancing.

There’s ballet, there’s salsa, there’s a swag of hip hop dancing, and even a bit of ‘Single Ladies’ leotarded realness here. Kat is letting you have it.

3) Insert rap for the American audience.

You do what you gotta do to fit the US market. A girl’s gotta eat! But having said that, I am not completely opposed to the newly revamped rap version of ‘Dancing Tonight’.


Kat Deluna has served ‘Dancing Tonight’ as her first US single from this project. The track is now available on iTunes over in the States.



  1. I’m also not opposed but i do love the original much better, and boy am i sick of token raps in pop/dance songs! Very rarely does it enhance the song at all.

    Loving her album though.

    • I actually think the single mix is produced a bit better, as well. I can’t put my finger on it because I don’t know the original like the back of my hand but this mix sounds cleaner ;)

      Have you got the single bundle? The remix is pretty good too!

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