Sahara Davenport ‘Pump With Me’ Music Video

Queens be gaggin’ hard when I pump this.

If you’re in anyway connected with me on the social networks – you would’ve no doubt seen me tirelessly rant, rave and reblog shit about Rupaul’s Drag Race.

Right now, I’m caught up in the current season and even though I’ve high stepped – not intentionally – past season two, the stans on Tumblr schooled me well to know who Sahara Davenport is.

Turns out, diva really had some tea for Feed Limmy to work with when she turned it out with a little foray into music.

Bitch is stomping down that runway of pop superstardom and much in the vein of drag legends like Rupaul and Lady Bunny, Ms Sahara is giving us queens another feel good dance track to bump to – or shall we say, pump to.


‘Pump With Me’ actually had me living when I heard Sahara‘s lush sultry vocals in the verses. Who would have thought that the queen could turn it out like Toni Braxton on heat? Gotta hat tip to that.

As for the 90s champagne-lite house beats, I can take it or leave it. I understand that that’s what the demographic digs and you gotta give the children what they came for.

So while you’re polishing up your heels for a night out, check on these three key highlights in Sahara‘s ‘Pump With Me’ video:

1) Bejewelled nude catsuit.

Gag on this BritBrit.

2) Manila Luzon cameo.

Sahara‘s long-time partner and current contestant on Rupaul’s Drag Race season three – Manila Luzon – makes an off-duty drag cameo here as a back up dancer. Heather better werk!

3) That bump.

Baby, this wasn’t done on a Solange Knowles pedicure budget honey. There’s some proper cash money involved here and while it’s no Jonas Akerlund mini epic, ‘Pump With Me’ rightfully injects a healthy dose of camp drag glam.

Dare we say, it’s looking a million dollar bills better than Mother Ru‘s ‘Tranny Chaser’ mess.


Sahara Davenport‘s ‘Pump With Me’ is now out on iTunes. Friends, you can even grab the extensive Gomi & Rasjek ‘Pump With Me’ remix EP here.



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