Kelly Rowland feat. Lil Wayne ‘Motivation’ Music Video

I think me and ‘Motivation’ are finally ready to meet in the middle.

I have to admit, I momentarily stopped stanning for Kelly when I first heard ‘Motivation’. The baby makin’ urban balladry really wasn’t what I ordered, especially after she’s whet our appetites with a defining dance number like ‘Commander’ but y’know a gurl’s gotta eat, and the American R&B market’s readily re-embracing her now, particularly after the recent Nelly collabo: ‘Gone’.


I had no idea how the bitch was gonna turn it out for the ‘Motivation’ video. All I know is, if I catch her greased up flossing a gold thong all over a white fur rug up in some cliched mansion in Miami, it’s all ovah.

Thankfully, Ms Kelly switched her game face back on and delivered some slick choreography. Major kudos to director Sarah Chatfield (the woman behind Wynter Gordon‘s stylish ‘Dirty Talk’ and ‘Believer’ videos) for the sweaty fantastic visuals.

Check on the three highlights of ‘Motivation’:

1) Banging choreography.

I gotta give it the crew. Everything about the choreography here is so on point and slick. It’s sexy, no shit yeah, it’s sexy bump ‘n’ grind. But never at any point did I feel that it was straying into too nasty. Okay, we just clocked Kelly groping her dancer.

2) Lady love.

We’ve seen a woman touch up on Ms Kelly before right? Tell me I’m right. Tell me this is not the first time we’ve seen a woman caress up on the diva’s arms and thighs like that. I need to know that this isn’t something new she’s trying on for size.

3) Hard.

They could’ve set this on a beach with bodies bathing in the moonlight or had Kelly sexing it up in a boudoir, instead they went for an abandoned warehouse/ underground club look – and it just works. Totally appreciating the contrast between the rigid industrialised set and the song’s own feminine sensuality.


‘Motivation’ – produced by Jim Jonsin (the man behind tracks on Michelle WilliamsUnexpected LP) – will be released digitally on 12 April in the US.

I am absolutely living for the sick’ning Diploremix. The dubstep reimagination is a pure revelation and seriously, it’d be a crime if Ms Kelly doesn’t service it to the clubs – especially in the UK.



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