Robyn ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ and ‘Dancing On My Own’ (Live at Jimmy Kimmel)

She’s never bringing that Body Talk tour to Australia, is she?

Koala friends, let’s press our noses to the window to see what we’re missing here. Check out the Swedish pop star rocking the massive outdoor stage for Jimmy Kimmel Live performing ‘Dancing On My Own’ and, for the first time ever on TV, the new single ‘Call Your Girlfriend’.

I have to say the live version of ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ is completely sick’ning. Lyrically, this track is another Robyn wonder and I’ve always said that a male artist should cover this. I see light bulbs going off in heads right now as we speak.

Watch ‘Call Your Girlfriend’:


And then there’s ‘Dancing On My Own’ complete with vocoder harmonies:


Pastel blue lipstick to match the top, tights and brown platforms? It’s yet another reason why we’re not worthy of Robyn.


The ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ single will be released on 16 May in the UK – featuring remixes from Kaskade, Sultan & Ned Sheperd, and Feed Me.


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