Lady Gaga ‘Judas’ Single Details

You really gotta have your best storm chaser face on when you’re involved in the pop music blogosphere.

While the better half of the southern hemisphere slumbers, Gaga sneakily brought forward the release date of ‘Judas’ and dropped it on iTunes after portions of the track had already leaked in low quality bytes.

‘Judas’ – produced by RedOne – is the second single from Mother Monster‘s intensely anticipated sophomore Born This Way. The song is instantly recognisable as a Gaga track from the “sledgehammering dance beats” through to the 90s pop-inflected melodies and of course, that element of camp.

Some bitches be pressed that it sounds too familiar and not revolutionary enough but really, what the hell were you expecting? Take a listen, if you haven’t already:


‘Judas’ is a definite grower and once you understand it in the context of her sonic branding, I think you’ll be far more accepting of it’s coy drama.


Aussie monsters, you can now purchase ‘Judas’ here on iTunes.

The cover art was designed by Gaga herself and according to Gagavision #42, she took snaps of it on her camera phone for effects. Hands on, hands on!

Born This Way – the album – is released globally on 23 May.


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