Lady Gaga reveals “Born This Way” album cover

Please say it’s a fake from Coverlandia’s hall of shame.

I’ve waited a whole ten minutes and no retractions or “you got punk’d” yet from Gaga, who tweeted this image after teasing us with various motoring puns.

What’s it saying about the Born This Way record? We get it – it’s lethal, dangerous and gritty. Fucking diesel fumes and leather etc. with metallic, industrial strength dance beats. I’d like to say it’s screaming “rock and roll” but it’s kinda done to the point where it’s actually more like a parody of rock ‘n’ roll.

The cover art is designed by Nick Knight (acclaimed photographer and director of her ‘Born This Way’ video) and the Haus of Gaga team.


Born This Way is released universally on 23 May. Gag, bitches!


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