Sophie Ellis-Bextor launches album on her own label

Well, this explains everything, doesn’t it?


Here in a candid interview with WOTYOUGOT Sophie Ellis-Bextor reveals that she has left her former label to release her fourth album – Make A Scene – on her own.

There are also a few interesting points to be documented here:

1) Sophie has already started work on her fifth album and it’s not gonna sound like Make A Scene.

2) She isn’t too fussed that you illegally download her album before it reaches your local record store.

“To be perfectly honest… getting the album out there is a big achievement. I’m just thrilled that it’s getting out there, I don’t really feel too hotly about how they’re getting hold of it. I’m just glad that the fans are gonna hear it.”

3) She’s not sold on reuniting with theaudience. And I love how fucking real she is about it too:

“I think it’s really lovely that there are people that care but honestly, I think that they are in single digits. If we reformed and had a concert, I think there’d probably be seven people in the front row and maybe our parents in the back of the room?”

I die laughing! We need more Sophie interviews, really. I cannot wait til’ she gets into full promo swing for the album.


Make A Scene arrives in the UK on 6 June. You can listen to the album sampler here.

I am absolutely living for it and yes, my queens, it sounds sensational and completely worth the wait.



  1. It’s interesting that more artists are now founding their own label, what do you think this is supposed to mean, Limmy?
    Recently Anggun also announced her new album will be released by her own label and we know Robyn has her own label too…

    • I think the priority for a recording artist really comes down to two things – creative freedom and getting their music out there for fans.

      If an artist isn’t able to achieve these things with a major label, then it’s natural that they’re gonna look elsewhere or start up their own shop.

      I’m not 100% certain about what’s driving the Anggun situation but I’d assume that it’s similar to a lot of artists that have been around as long as she has. Sales are bound to dwindle and maybe she’s not the priority act on her label anymore, and they just don’t know how to market her music effectively.

      If you see the previous post, Darren Hayes just announced that he inked a deal with Universal Music and we all know he went independent for his third album… so you know, at the end of the day, I think as an artist you have to make the right business decisions. Be it with a major label or on your own, like Robyn (very successfully in collaboration with Modular/Interscope etc.)

  2. Yep, I read the Darren Hayes post and must say I found it quite surprising. Now I’m curious as to how they’re going to do with him, esp. if he continues with the electro/dance sound.

    About Anggun, I believe there’s some truth to what you said. Particularly since Elevation (I hate using this term, but well) flopped HARD, and that was coming off the runaway success of Luminescence. It seemed like her old label wanted her to sound and look more “commercial” but it just ended up not working. Now that she’s got her own label, she’s gone all folksy on her new single.

    I’m hoping hard this will work out since proper, international success and recognition has been way, way overdue for her. What I’m kind of worried about is, she has this adult contemporary niche, and as far as I know, aren’t AC acts usually signed to major labels? Not sure. But it all comes down to great promotion, I think.

    Which brings me to Sophie and Robyn, as they’ve got that indie/hip edge, I guess that makes this whole thing work for them.

    • Anggun has an incredible fan base, though. And that’s all she really needs. She needs to cater directly to them now and make every effort to be closer to them.

      I like the idea of Anggun going more AC and folksy! I’ve always loved her ballads. Things is, will people be pressed if she’s not making uptempos? Isn’t she a regular in the dance scene too with collabos and remixes etc.?

  3. Anggun does, really (hey, I’m one of them! :D) but you know, her success has sadly been sporadic. Elevation was nearly non-existant; her last true, international hit was “Saviour”, and that was 5 years ago. Personally, I would just like her to concentrate on the English-speaking market this time around (wouldn’t you want that too, hmm? ;D) where she’s been massively overlooked and nearly, well, non-existant. She had some success in the US with her debut, but that was it, I’m surprised she’s never bothered with the UK too.

    Well, if you like her going all folksy, then check out her new single; it’s called “Only Love” and the video is on the way. Her official Facebook page has all the latest info on it, and the new album too. Hey why not do a Leak Report on it? :)

    Regarding whether people “will be pressed if she doesn’t make uptempos” or not (I find what you said funny actually! haha), I don’t think so. She’s best known for mid-tempo and ballad numbers, although she does do dance music every now and then, but no, I wouldn’t say she’s a regular in the dance scene or there will be “pressed stans” whatsoever… I would like her to do a bit more dance music though, it actually fits her so fine!

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