Clare Maguire ‘The Shield and The Sword’ Music Video

You want so much for Feed Limmy to actually deliver you the freshest content as you go but that’s just not how life works, honey.

If you’re scrolling down, you’d actually find that the Beyonce post two doors down is the most current piece of news here today. Sorry. I let things gather sometimes like a pile of unfolded laundry and when I finally get around to it, the order turns out something like this.


Here we have the glorious Clare Maguire and her latest music video: ‘The Shield and The Sword’. Let me just premise this by saying that Clare‘s already one of my favourites to come out of 2011 so this project needs to be big – globally.

The English beauty’s vocals is a gift that keeps giving. Think young Cher richness with a little Florence Welch voodoo.

Let’s check out three key moments in Clare‘s elegant new video:

1) That wig and a vision of Kylie choreography magic.

How is this happening? I have to admit that dancing with a crew that looked like they were shipped from the Freemasons‘ last video was not what I had in mind for Clare. But this works and this is injecting life into the project.

This is also why I would’ve failed as a music video director for this song. My safe chamomile tea-sipping self would’ve kept the whole thing flatlining with a trip to the museum-type sombreness.

2) Speaking of sombreness.

There’s that too. Here’s Clare posing still as can be in a living painting/ work of art scene.

3) The 60s ho just gatecrashed.

Sweetness, you’re a few years too late for that Emma Bunton video shoot. She done already wrapped the two 60s-pop flower power albums. I’m sorry, as much as I think it’s cute to have Clare in that dress and glasses. This character looks out of place. The above two scenes at least had props and what seemed like a purpose supported by choreography or poise. What’s this one supposed to bring to the table?


‘The Shield and The Sword’ is the third single from Clare Maguire‘s debut album Light After Dark. The single will be launched in the UK on 9 May.



  1. Disjointed with segments reminding me of other videos with a bit of “Bad Romanesque”
    I find her cute in that paisley dress and oversized goggles though!

    • She is cute! I really wish she had more of an international success, though. That voice is so deserving!

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