Jill Scott ‘Shame’ Music Video

I have a soft spot for Ms Jill, I do.

The three-time Grammy winning soul singer/songwriter is back with a new piece – ‘Shame’ – and it’s giving me just the sass I need right now. The track features Eve and – something of a disco Dreamgirls vision – The A Group.

What’s super spesh about this video is that it’s shot in the Cecil B. Moore Recreational Centre in Philadelphia, where Jill spent many a summers as a child. I am loving the feel good family fun happening here. Makes me wanna just go get some ice cream and play patty cakes with someone.

Take a look at three moments to top in the ‘Shame’ video:

1) Sassy face.

You know I live for sassy “bitch, please” moments. As if ‘Shame’ wasn’t already swaggin’ in a confident stride, here comes Jill serving face. Mmph! “I’m the magnificent. Say what, say what…”

2) The A Group.

If Precious joined the Glee club and brought her best friend and cousin sister along for the ride, this is the kind of magic we’ll be experiencing. Research monkeys, look up these fabulous ladies. Are they Jill‘s back up singer entourage in the vein of Beyonce and her Suga Mamas? What’s the story here?

Maybe they are the Suga Mamas and Beyonce‘s been trifling again. No, hiss! Don’t go there, boo. No need to be shady.

3) That dress.

This sequined eleganza reminds of what Manila Luzon was rocking for her “carrot cake couture” outfit on Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 3. I might be the only one who got that reference. Never mind.


‘Shame’ is only launched as a buzz track for Jill‘s forthcoming Light of The Sun album, which is expected to drop in the US on 27 June. Check on all that fineness Mama Jill is giving up there. Absolute royalty. I’m bowing to the queen.

The album’s official first single will be ‘So In Love’ featuring Anthony Hamilton.


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