Rupaul Previews New Track ‘Glamazon’

All these dusty ass wannabe gay icons better clear the runway, Mother Ru is back.

The high priestess of glam is about to air the final episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race season three this coming week and to celebrate, we will all be unwrapping a brand new Ru album: Glamazon.

Drag empress’s last studio album Champion was launched to coincide with the inaugural Rupaul’s Drag Race series but seriously, huntee, after almost three seasons of flogging the same choons from that album, I was ready for a new fit.

We first copped a feel of Ru‘s new single ‘Superstar’ when, in a genius move of cross-promotion and creating music televisual excellence, she arranged for the final five queens in this season to record their own versions of the song.

The full original version of ‘Superstar’ is yet to surface but here’s a preview of the title track ‘Glamazon’ (complete with lyrics). Take a listen and tell us what you think:


“Sashay, shantay! Panther on the runway!”

It’s yet another bejewelled instant smash completely embellished with prime lyrics to keep the children quoting incessantly on Facebook. Sonically, it’s a dutiful hat tip to the bubbly dance style Ru and so many queens have made a part of mainstream gay culture.

Glamazon the album is produced by Lucian Piane, the genius behind RuRu‘s Champion which carried my faves ‘Cover Girl’, ‘Jealous of My Boogie’ and ‘Tranny Chaser’.


Glamazon is out on iTunes 25 April. Prepare to gag on her eleganza!


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