Brandy and Ray J “A Family Business” Album Tracklisting and Details

It don’t get more vanilla than this.

Brandy will eternally be one of my favourite R&B singers so I’m gonna let this slide and pretend like it’s just business, and not a true reflection of where her creative space is at right now.

For those tuning in from outside the States, Brandy and brother Ray J have been foisting a reality TV show titled A Family Business for two seasons now. As the name suggests, it’s all about Bran and Ray taking charge of the family’s music business and doing their best to keep their own careers happening, all while handling the usual domestic drama you’d expect to be handled on a reality show.

The obvious step for the show is to spawn a soundtrack album and here the Norwoods are ready to deliver some of their own home grown goodness.

Check on the official tracklisting for Brandy and Ray J A Family Business album:

1 – Family Business (aka Family Business Theme) – Brandy, Ray J, Willie and Sonja Norwood
2 – Turnin’ Me On – Ray J
3 – Talk To Me – Brandy, Ray J and Willie Norwood Sr.
4 – My Family – Sy’rai & Rain Smith
5 – Lifeguard – Brandy
6 – Ready to Roll – Ray J featuring TKO
7 – Sonja, Sonia, Sonya – Willie Norwood Sr.
8 – Gone – Tosha Scott
9 – I Don’t Care – Brandy
10 – Home Grown – Willie Norwood Sr.
11 – Epilogue – Sonja Norwood

Hold up for second. Brandy‘s little girl Sy’rai is doing a song? Boom! Instant value added already. And major fist pumps for the inclusion of ‘Lifeguard’, which was one of the best Brandy demos I’ve heard leak in recent history.


Brandy and Ray J‘s A Family Business will be released on 21 June. They’re all standing around with a pen and pad ready to take your pre-orders now. Did I mention they did T-shirts? Mmph.


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