Willow Smith ‘Rockstar’ and ’21st Century Girl’ (Live at White House Easter Egg Roll)

Child superstar and future commander of the universe Willow Smith rocked the White House on Easter. What did you do, boo?


Here the pint-sized pop singer rocks the White House‘s Easter Egg Roll party with two of her newer tracks ‘Rockstar’ and ’21st Century Girl’, the latter being a major flop on the charts but let’s not kill the buzz because this performance is the ultimate.

What I really appreciate about this footage is the definite school production-like quality of it. The distance between the camera and the stage – not to mention, the mostly stagnant long shots – are so reminiscent of a parent’s handycam work. Wait, did anybody see Will and Jada that day?

Also, the presence of an interpreter to sign Willow‘s defining lyrics is a highlight and luxury I do not take for granted. The diva had me fooled for a good part of the video because she was signing so completely in rhythm that I thought she was one of the back up dancers.


Willow Smith‘s ’21st Century Girl’ has so far peaked at #99 on the US Billboard 100 and #91 over in the UK.


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