Stan Walker ‘Loud’ Single Cover Art

The team at Sony Music Australia has submitted this without comment.

Behold, the cover art for Stan Walker‘s forthcoming smash single ‘Loud’. I know it’s felt like a lifetime since we heard any new material from the former Idol winner but I think the time has come.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I felt like Stan has really grown into his own in the last year or so. I was thoroughly hooked on the single version of ‘Homesick’ that came out a few months back and I can honestly say, I cannot wait to hear what ‘Loud’ is like.

Please, Lord let it slay like a good Chris Brown record. The entire ANZ region would be living for it.

Listen to me. I’m padding out a post that really hasn’t got much going for it except the image.


Stay tuned for more on Stan Walker‘s ‘Loud’ and third album. I think we’re obligated to count the Idol-spawned Introducing… Stan Walker compilation.



  1. Link to the Seven promo featuring the song

    written by my boy Wrabel. great song, i wonder if it will come stateside?

    • That promo looks amazing and ‘Loud’ sounds like a smash! Thanks for sharing that. Interesting to see “X Factor Australia” omitted from the flashy C7 line up, but OK. Congrats to Wrabel and all involved. I hope this track blows up the charts!

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