Florrie ‘Begging Me’ Music Video

Cool than cool swag, for real.

Talk about an upcoming artist who’s consistently stepped it up in the last year or so.

The last time I spoke to Florrie [Editor’s note: this week is the second coming for most of Limmy‘s 2010 breakthrough artist interviews – he’s already caught up with Kimbra and Wynter Gordon], it was her first ever Australian interview and she was only just prepping her introductory EP.


Now we’re treated to the English beauty’s first music video – ‘Begging Me’ – which will serve as the lead single from her second EP, due in May. The track itself further solidifies Florrie‘s signature glossy live band pop sonics and frankly, if you were eating it up her previous tracks like ‘Give Me Your Love’ or ‘Call of The Wild’ – this one will be right up your alley.

Here are three highlights of the ‘Begging Me’ video:

1) Power suit and 90s realness.

This scene with the band and the tailored-chic power suit is sending me flashbacks of Garbage and other 90s goodies of that nature. Ya’ll have eyes, you can see that Florrie is a model through and through, but the mission to me here is clear and simple: avoid an easy Rimmel commercial-type music video and keep the focus on Florrie, the musician.

2) Did we mention she’s a musician?

See above. It really isn’t an elaborate production of mind-blowing artistic complexities. Just like it was with her introductory EP last year, her first music video here is designed to support the vision of Florrie, her band and the stylish, crisp live music element in her music.

3) Channeling a young Blythe Danner.

Let me elaborate: channeling a young Blythe Danner who’s turning it out for Ralph Lauren‘s Spring/Summer collection. Gawjus.


Florrie‘s ‘Begging Me’ is now out on iTunes Australia. Grab the track here.

The forthcoming second EP will be released on 26 May.


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