Lady Gaga ‘Judas’ + Interview (Live on Ellen)

Hark! Lady Gaga‘s first ever performance of ‘Judas’ and with that comes an interview with Ellen and sartorial statements for us to snack on.

Can we first address the blue latex midriff hooded piece with accompanying flared bottoms?

Normally, I would feel unworthy of even comprehending Gaga‘s fashion references but today, because I’m up at 6:30am with my first cup of coffee still warm by my side, I reckon I can break it down for ya’ll.

It’s plain as day that Mother Monster‘s throwing us a flashback to the early-00s pop star: think when the likes of Christina Aguilera and Britney first stomped pop stages with hi-energy performances, hair extensions and midriffs baring.

The chola eyebrows and rogue cosmetic mole just brings extra class to the table. Take a look at the performance here:


OK, that choreography is not one to be fucked with. It’s requires nothing short of a full-bodied commitment and I reckon Gaga totally brought it.

Also, y’guys know how I live for Gaga interviews. Watch her chat with Ellen here where she talks about her intense work schedule, ‘Judas’ and why she dedicates “five minutes of compassionate thoughts of herself” everyday (“love yourself! You’re all you’ve got”):


“You may feel that you’re a part of the overarching destiny of life, but you may feel misunderstood by the world.”Gaga to Little Monsters on ‘Judas’.

Can you believe she’s done over 210 Monster Ball shows and the tour’s actually still going? Boom!

I mean I knew that she was writing and recording while on tour but geez, I had no idea that it’s literally still happening til’ this date.


‘Judas’ slips to #12 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week after debuting at #10. Over on the American digital charts, it takes a slight dip to #6.

The single is currently positioned at #27 on our Aussie iTunes chart – believe it or not, ‘Born This Way’ is outselling it right now.


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