Leak Report: Grant Smillie feat. Zoe Badwi ‘Carry Me Home’

The first lady of Aussie dance Zoe Badwi and the master of floor fillers Grant Smillie on one track. You can deal with that, right?

The pair have been working together on Zoe‘s projects for years and while she’s still putting the finishing touches on her debut album, this track will keep her presence in the clubs long enough until her next solo release.

As for Grant, since when did he release cuts under his own name? I’m completely aware of his Neon Records compilations etc. but what has the other half of TV Rock got to say about this? I know Jade [Editor’s note: see – radio cohost] will cut me if I ever did a solo show.

Grant and Zoe‘s ‘Carry Me Home’ is set to be released soon but for now, here’s a teaser of the track as remixed by fellow Aussie Tommy Trash and Russian producer trio/DJ Hard Rock Sofa.

Take a listen:



Stay tuned for more of ‘Carry Me Home’. I expect for it to be serviced to Aussie radios in no time.



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