Her Majesty & The Wolves ‘Goodbye, Goodnight’ Music Video

Look at her go. You can’t keep a good woman down.

Former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt and producer/MC Spencer Nezey is giving everything they got in this electro/pop outfit Her Majesty & The Wolves. After breaking the ice with their buzz track ‘Glaciers’ and then serving the duo’s first official single ‘Stars In Your Eyes’, here they come again with fun club-ready piece.


These days, Kim‘s best known for her dancing prowess and working it to good effect as a judge on the UK series Got To Dance. Naturally, she’s not gonna hold back on the choreography in her own videos.

Her Majesty & The Wolves is albeit more eclectic than your regular four-to-the-floor dance purveyors but I really felt like ‘Goodbye, Goodnight’ is their way of giving more commercial pop chic. You can’t blame a doll for wanting some mainstream chart action, can you?

Check out three highlights of the ‘Goodbye, Goodnight’ video:

1) Happy feet.

Kim‘s dancing is so on point here and I think, in contrast to their last video, it’s just super refreshing to see her smile and get gleeful. The sexy and fierce video vixen thing has been done to perfection since ye olde Pussycat Academy days. This kind of frivolity in her movement, I could get used to.

2) Nymph of the Night.

It’s a little Goldie Hawn meets Barbie reimagined in Cotton Candy Nymph mode.

3) Those gloves.

I need these in my life.


‘Goodbye, Goodnight’ will be released in the UK on 30 May and the duo’s debut album 111 is out on 13 June.


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