Lady Gaga “Born This Way” Standard + Special Album Tracklisting

Just like everything else that’s worth writing about, Lady Gaga has revealed her Born This Way album tracklisting via Twitter.

It is understood that this is the standard version tracklisting and there’d be a more comprehensive version released simultaneously, which Gaga insists won’t be referred to as a “deluxe” edition.

I get where she and the team comes from, though. The idea of putting out a standard and a “deluxe” version really implies that the former is inferior and it just creates that divide between hardcore Monsters and fairweather observers, which of course exists in the context of every kind of fandom.

Update: so here we have the “Special” edition of Gaga‘s Born This Way: a beefy 22-track extravaganza featuring three additional new recordings – ‘Black Jesus Amen Fashion’, ‘Fashion of His Love’ and ‘The Queen’ – plus five remixes of new album tracks:

What’s really interesting with the tracklisting is seeing how Gaga has once again interspersed the “bonus” tracks into the actual line up, making the tracks seem like a seamless part of the body of work rather just a bonus feature tacked on as an after thought.

In fact, look at any of the different territory versions of The Fame. The concept’s always been reworking the tracklisting rather than just slapping on tracks at the arse end. I mean, it has its pros and cons. People like to be able to see at a glance what the bonus features are, but in artistic parlance, I totally get why it’s important for Gaga to represent all her records as a unified body of work and not portray any songs as having a lesser part of the project.


Born This Way – both standard and collector’s edition – will be out 23 May. The project is already supported by two titan singles ‘Born This Way’ and ‘Judas’. ‘Marry The Night’, which Gaga has described as a joyous early Whitney Houston-type track, is slated to be the third single.



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