Brock Zanrosso Interview

Look at him go! One of Canada’s rising teen pop sensations – Brock Zanrosso – is coming for you with a fierce new look and sound.

The 17-year old pop performer first burst onto the scene when he came runner-up on The Next Star, the Canadian answer to Idol for under 15s. Since then, Brock has dropped a couple of singles in between juggling school, and he’s now ready to let you have it with a stunning new pop number: ‘Perfect Storm’.

Check out our little correspondence after the jump.


Dave: First of all, congratulations on the new single and video ‘Perfect Storm’ – the energy is fierce and it’s unlike anything your fans have seen you do before! What is it about this song that represents you as an artist?

Brock: Well the song’s narrative doesn’t represent me so much because I wrote it from someone else’s perspective, like I do with most songs, but the song itself and the sound represents me and the direction I’m excited to move [in] as an artist.

Dave: ‘Perfect Storm’ is actually out on iTunes Australia, have you ever been out here for a visit?

Brock: No! I wish! I’ve always wanted to go. Maybe when I get out of high school I’ll take a trip over there.

Dave: I just saw the new video and can I just say? It could’ve done with more strutting! Haha. What was it like shooting it?

Brock: Haha! It was an awesome day! I loved shooting this one because it was all me. If I didn’t like something someone was wearing or how the makeup was done, I’d ask them to change it. It was my vision and the director did an amazing job collaborating with me to make it happen.

Dave: The Justin Bieber and Adam Lambert comparison must be tiring, how do you respond to that?

Brock: The weird thing is Justin and Adam are like polar opposites, so it’s weird to me that I get compared to both. I think I get compared to Justin solely because of my age and Adam solely because I wore guyliner, but it’s fine with me. I take it as a compliment most times.

Dave: You started off on a talent show in Canada two years ago, what’s your favourite memory of that era?

Brock: Performing live in front of Canada and the thousands of people in the audience. It was so exhilarating! I wanna do that again!

Dave: Are you still at school? What are your career aspirations (if there’s one outside of music)?

Brock: I am still at school in Grade 11. If music doesn’t end up working out in the way I’d like it to, I’m very intent on going to medical school and hopefully becoming an oncologist or some sort of other specialised doctor.

Dave: I assume there’s an album in the works? Tell us about who you’re working with and what musical direction you’re headed in.

Brock: Right now I’m still working with my main production team – Hipjoint – and we’re hoping to have a six-song EP released before 2012. I’m also looking at working with some other great production teams but nothing is set in stone yet.

OK, so now for the fangurl questions!

What’s bumping on your iPod right now?

Jessie J and Britney‘s new albums, as well as some Skrillex.

Your idea of a perfect first date?

Something very modest. Just getting to know the person… nothing super extravagant. I find that a little weird on a first date.

I see you love your pop divas like I do. What’s your favourite Britney, Nicki Minaj and Jessie J song?

Pop divas are fun, fun to sing and dance to. I love Britney‘s ‘Inside Out’ and the Nicki/Ke$ha remix of ‘Till The World Ends’. Nicki Minaj – her whole album, I seriously can’t choose. Jessie J – ‘Do It Like A Dude’!

Your favourite TV show(s)?

I am such a TV Junkie. Since I got a PVR I record so many series! My favourites to watch are 90210 and The Real World.

Finish this sentence: “Today would be perfect if it weren’t for…”

Packing! Im moving tomorrow and I’ve gotta pack a lot more.


Grab Brock Zanrosso‘s ‘Perfect Storm’ on iTunes here. Ya’ll should also follow him on Twitter – he keeps me young.


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