Lady Gaga ‘Edge of Glory’ Single Cover and Details

They about to strike a match and ignite the Born This Way album countdown – brace yourselves!

Lady Gaga just revealed on Twitter that the project’s first promo single will be ‘Edge of Glory’, a personal song she wrote not long after her grandfather passed away.

The track has been described as a mega power ballad with pounding club beats and a saxophone riff played by the legendary Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band.

The fashion of releasing digital promo singles has worked wonders fanfaring forthcoming album releases for Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and more recently, J.Lo so why the fuck not? The hype would be through the roof especially since none of these finalised Born This Way tracks have leaked.


‘Edge of Glory’ hits iTunes on 9 May. Born This Way – the album – will arrive on 23 May.



  1. Lady Gaga is no cookie cutter plastic pop star in the likes that mainstream is so used to seeing. Her image is edgy and the music on this album is heavy brilliant innovative pop with dark lyrics and powerful messages. Wether at a party or a club, one can’t ignore how fast dance floors fill when Gaga’s songs come on, but the thing that I love the most about these powerful…

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