Rihanna ‘California King Bed’ Music Video

This video is just as you imagined it would be.

Following on with the sun-soaked and ethereal fleur theme Rihanna has rocked for most videos in the Loud era, here comes the album’s fourth single ‘California King Bed’, a mega ballad with a lighters-in-the-air hook.


Director Anthony Mandler (the man behind RiRi‘s ‘Only Girl’ and Jennifer Hudson‘s ‘Where You At’ videos) gave us the expected. It’s a dire waste of opportunity because they could’ve really turned it out with something poignant that reflected at least half the drama and emotions evoked in the song, instead they just relied on pretty.

Here are three things about the ‘California King Bed’ video:

1) Sheets and intimacy.

Having the camera peek through sheets and curtains for a close up of Ri was an effective way of conveying intimacy yet, it somehow misses the mark when you realise these are just a series of beautiful shots that could’ve really packed a punch if the diva had connected more emotionally.

2) Nature girl.

It’s unmistakably Rihanna circa Loud. When you see the red hair, sun-drenched effect and naturesque setting, you know who that is. It’s a consistent look she has achieved from the album photo shoot right through to the videos and I appreciate that.

3) King bed.

Mama, I don’t think that’s a king-sized bed. That’s like a fucking king, queen and palace guards-sized bed. Unreal.


‘California King Bed’ is currently sitting at #17 on the Australian ARIA charts this week. Keep an eye out for RiRi‘s next video – ‘Man Down’ – a track that was issued to US urban radios this month.



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