Wynter Gordon changes album title, confirms third single: ‘Still Getting Younger’

Yes, ma’am. The time has come!

Wynter Gordon‘s manager has just confirmed that the debutantess of dance will be releasing her debut album and third single ‘Still Getting Younger’ in Australia next month.

The euphoric retro dance track is co-written by Wynter and Nick Littlemore (Empire of The Sun), who also produced the record.

You can tell that ‘Still Getting Younger’ is a definite favourite of Wynter‘s since she’s always bringing it up in interviews. Her current single ‘Til Death’ may have topped the Aussie iTunes dance charts and became the most added new track to radios the week it came out, but it’s still yet to crack the ARIA Top 20.

Wynter has also made a last minute change to her album title from what we’ve eternally known to be With The Music I Die to Still Getting Younger.


Wynter Gordon‘s debut album Still Getting Younger will be released first in Australia on 17 June while the rest of the world get treated to more singles. The title track’s single EP will be available in the US on 28 June.

Stay tuned for the album cover, tracklisting and ‘Still Getting Younger’ single cover/remixes. According to Wynter‘s Twitter feed, there’s apparently a hip hop remix of ‘Til Death’ coming soon. Very exciting times ahead, fellow Wynter Warriors!

Read my recent interview with Wynter Gordon where she talks about her vision for the record and what we can expect.


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