Alex Gaudino feat. Kelly Rowland ‘What A Feeling’ Music Video

I stand by my conviction that Kelly Rowland is the Donna Summer of our generation. You just haven’t realised it yet.

There’s a higher calling beyond Beyonce‘s shadow and R&B baby makin’ slow jams for this diva. I believe Kelly could truly reign supreme on the international dance music scene if she turns up with the right collaborators and hooks. Ever since the global smash revelation that was ‘When Love Takes Over’, the gays have been gagging for her to deliver a dance number of equal or greater value.

As much as I stan for ‘Commander’ and its wind machine-worthy ferocity, it really was a tragic failure to launch, and then there was that cold fish of a single ‘Forever and A Day’, which flopped even harder. Just when pop stans started losing faith and Kelly returns to bumping R&B, here comes ‘What A Feeling’.


I know I’m being overly optimistic here but this track with Alex Gaudino is absolutely what her international fans have been waiting for. Think: fluorescent Euro-dance pop with a euphoric chorus, reminiscent of ‘When Love Takes Over’.

The video once again another flaunting of Kelly looking flawlessly on point and rocking an A-grade choreography.

Here are three highlights of the ‘What A Feeling’ clip:

1) Flirty Kelly.

Did she give that guy a booty pat? Mami, you hawt minx, you. Imagine the disappointment on his face when he realised it wasn’t from one of his homeboys.

2) Come Top Shop correct.

Mmm… don’t it smell like raspberries and ylang ylang, boo?

Apart from that stunning piece of choreography, Kelly‘s style is completely selling this video and song for me. The girl next door look complements the frivolity of the song in ways that a highly couture wardrobe could never [Editor’s note: if your girl next door is dressed in thigh high boots, I’m moving in]. I’m also appreciating the return to longer hair. I’m sorry, Kelly but the bob was just too much Real Housewives of Atlanta realness.

3) Pouting the house down.

Alex Gaudino is serving a little too much fish here. Caramelised guapo fish, honey.


Alex and Kelly‘s ‘What A Feeling’ is yet to impact Australian radios, which is a mighty shame because although Kelly‘s ‘Motivation’ is slaying on the US R&B and digital charts – I can’t see it taking off here. However, I am willing to bet every last wig in Beyonce‘s boudoir that ‘What A Feeling’ will catch on here the minute people hear it.



  1. LMAO at the booty pat description, it better not have been any of my friends in the scene with me touching my ass. Lol. Hope that’s not a disappointment to whoever wrote that, but I’m not gay. peace

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