Kelly Rowland reveals album title: “Here I Am”

Ooh, gurl. Are you sure about that? The last time someone named their album Here I Am, it never got released. *Side eyes Eve*

Delays is something Kelly Rowland fans have grown accustomed to with this ever evasive third studio album of hers. The project has been in the works for three years now and so far it has yielded five singles [Editor’s note: the most recent one – ‘Motivation’ – is being labelled as its official first single].

The musical direction she’s going in is understood to have gone through several evolutions, the most dramatic being what was initially proposed as a schizophonic project featuring a “more dance” tracklisting for the international market and a separate “more urban” version of the album specifically for her American audience.

In revealing the album title exclusively to Billboard, Kelly had also named some of the producers on board the Here I Am record and that’ll hopefully give us more of a hint as to what direction this project’s headed in. Some of the people involved include serial hitmakers Dr Luke (Britney‘s Femme Fatale), RedOne (Lady Gaga), Stargate (Ne-Yo) and Darkchild (Beyonce). Damn. It’s already shaping up to be her most A-listed album yet!

Here’s a quote from Kelly about the album title:

“I was talking to my product manager [and] I said I wanted people to know that this is the record, the sound I’ve been working toward… that here I am. And she said, that’s the title. It just connected with my heart and the music as well. It stands for everything I’ve gone through and thought about for this record as a woman. It’s very strong.”

The lead single ‘Motivation’ is already Kelly‘s biggest US hit since ‘Dilemma’ (with Nelly) circa 2002. Yes, you best believe that ‘Motivation’ is also moping the floor with Beyonce‘s royal flop ‘Run The World (Girls)’ on the US R&B and digital charts.


Timing for the album now seems right. Billboard reports that we can expect an official date to be announced by the end of the week.


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