Leak Report: Lady Gaga ‘Judas’ Remixes

Whodas must be tripping.

It’s meant to be the ‘Judas’ era now but as soon as Gaga dropped what was intended as just a minor digital promo single – ‘The Edge of Glory’ – suddenly everyone turns and runs for the new track.

In any case, even if the chart pick up for ‘Judas’ has been less than defining, there’s been a whole lot more promo activity surrounding it in the last week or so thanks to the video premiere and several live performances.

There’s actually been a whole lot of Gaga promo appearances both on radio and TV this week – see: American Idol, the Cannes Film Festival, Graham Norton and Radio 1’s Big Weekend etc. It’ll be interesting to see how far it’ll propel ‘Judas’ back up the charts. In the meantime, Mother Monster has uploaded these ace new ‘Judas’ remixes on her YouTube channel.

R3HAB remix:


Chris Lake remix:


I sense a remix EP may be on its way within a week or so.


Look out for the next Born This Way digital promo single ‘Hair’, which will drop next week.


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