Jessie J ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ (Live at Radio 1’s Big Weekend)

Her vocals really can’t be fucked with. They will drag your ass to a dark alley, slam you against a brick wall and assault you for every last penny you got.

In all the live performances I’ve seen of Jessie J‘s, the girl has never disappointed. Here she is taking the stage at Radio 1’s Big Weekend, belting her new single ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ to an adoring home crowd.

The longer wig [Editor’s note: could it be possible that she just grew her hair?] is actually more flattering than the length she was rocking when she first broke out. To me, this is kinda like the moment Posh Spice showed up on stage with minor hair extensions in the final scene of Spice World the movie. It’s a pleasant surprise.

Check out Jessie‘s soulful performance here:


This is one woman I’d absolutely kill to see live. A definite new favourite female vocalist in the game.


Jessie J‘s ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ is still yet to achieve the same Aussie radio ubiquity as her last single ‘Price Tag’. If all else fails, maybe Universal Music Australia can issue her brazen pop track ‘Abracadabra’.



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