Chart Feed – 16.05.11

Lady Gaga’s utterly triumphant ‘The Edge of Glory’ debuts at #6 in the UK and #11 in Australia after topping them iTunes charts for most of the week. While it was initially launched as just a digital promo to countdown the album, the track ended up pulling such tidal critical and commercial love that they decided to launch it as the official third Born This Way single.

Watch Gaga perform a heartfelt, acoustic rendition of ‘The Edge of Glory’ at Radio 1’s Big Weekend:


It really hits home when you see her take it back to just her raw emotions and a piano. I could fucking cry. Elsewhere, ‘Judas’ comes bolting back up in the UK from #20 to #11 and Australia from #26 to #13. Gaga’s The Fame Monster manages to re-enter our Top 50 this week at #34. All signs point to a mightly record-breaking arrival for Born This Way next Monday. The world is hungrier than ever before.

Adele’s chart-ripping 21 spends its third consecutive week at #1 in Australia rivalled by two covers album all up in its grill. Ex-Idol winner Damien Leith’s Roy Orbison tribute filler Roy is reigning at #2 while Ronan Keating and Burt Bacharach’s duet album When Ronan Met Burt [Editor: found bromance] rises to a new peak of #3 this week. But back to Adelegend, her defining debut album #19 also copped a sales surge last week, bringing it to a new peak of #27 on our ARIA album chart.

David Guetta’s new ménage-a-trois of a single ‘Where Them Girls At’ with Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj jumps to #6 in Australia, registering one of the biggest chart leaps of the week. I know it’s crunk dance for kidz but this shit is made so much more appealing just with the added presence of Nicki Minaj. Your faves could never name check Peabo Bryson in such a sick’ning way.

Jessie J’s soulful ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ debuts at #24 in Australia this week. This song is so raw, it aches with every listen. I really hope the world opens its heart and ears to this gem because while ‘Price Tag’ and the swaggerific ‘Do It Like A Dude’ came chart correct. The real loaded guns are stashed away in Jessie’s ballads [Editor’s note: see also – ‘Big White Room’ and ‘Who You Are’]. La Cornish’s album Who You Are jumps to a new peak of #15 here in Australia this week.

Enrique Iglesias’ new single ‘Dirty Dancer’ – featuring Usher and Lil Wayne – debuts at #36 here this week. The song is exactly as you imagine it to be. Sleazy dance pop with fluorescent synths, lyrical content surrounding seductive choreography – gawsh, this shit has been flogged to death, ya’ll. It’s already old. The line was way back at ‘Tonight (I’m Fucking You).

Stan Walker’s exciting new single ‘Loud’ enters at #38 this week. Watch this climb as radio and TV support for the jam crescendos in the coming weeks. Australians, aren’t we proud of our urban gems? Round of applause for Stan, Jessica Mauboy, Paris Wells, Bliss N Eso, 360 and Shakaya.

Jennifer Lopez and Lil Wayne’s ‘I’m Into You’ finally penetrates the Australian Top 50 this week at #47. Mami’s Love? album made a surprisingly decent debut at #5 in the US. Meanwhile, reviewing its second-week performances in the UK and Australia, the album has expectedly taken a slight dip – dropping from #6 to #14 in the UK and #9 to #11 in Australia. Can we have ‘Papi’ on the radio every hour now? Thanks.

Stevie Nicks’ new studio album In Your Dreams debuts at #6 in the US, registering over 52,000 first-week copies to become her fifth Top 10 album. Down here in Australia the record starts charting at #24 this week. The new album was written with and produced almost entirely by Dave Stewart of Eurythmics’ fame. You know you ain’t got shit on Stevie. Her crusty Tasman region can ooze more talent than all the seasons of Idol put together.

The WombatsThis Modern Glitch is tumbling down the charts fast, landing at #27 in the UK after just three weeks on the shelf. It’s thankfully faring a bit better in Australia, clinging to the Top 10 at #7 this week. Elsewhere, speaking of British bands, Metronomy’s The English Riviera debuts at #49 on our Aussie digital album charts this week.

Take That’s new single ‘Love Love’ debuts at #15 in the UK. You know you’re the ish when Pet Shop Boys is opening for you on tour.

Beyonce’s ‘Run The World’ continues its freefalling floppage, plummeting to #37 in the UK this week. Here’s a little light reading while we wait for that life changing video to drop: B has been honoured with Billboard’s inaugural Millennium Award, check out this Q&A where she talks about the influences behind her forthcoming 4 studio album and what life experiences she enjoyed during her mini-hiatus.

Kelly Rowland’s ‘Motivation’ is positively winning. The track continues its climb up the US R&B charts, this week reaching a new peak of #3. The slow jam is currently placed at #51 on the Australian iTunes R&B charts. Ms Rowland recently revealed the title of her much-delayed third studio album – Here I Am – and names the producers on board. Kelly’s stunning dance collabo with Alex Gaudino – ‘What A Feeling’ – is the eighth most added new song to Australian radios this week. Please let this be fucking huge here, you know I’ve pleaded.

Nicole Scherzinger’s newest Killer Love single is decent but it’s still no ‘Killer Love’. The latest jam ‘Right There’ debuts at #58 in the UK this week while the 50 Cent version will be released in the States on 5 June. Looks like Nicole has managed to lock in some amazing promo to properly relaunch her solo career back home. She’s set to perform ‘Right There’ on American Idol this week with 50, and she’s also nabbed a gig as the host of US X Factor.

Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’ bolts up to #46 in the UK this week. I reckon it’ll grow to outperform its preceding singles ‘Moment 4 Life’ and ‘Girls Fall Like Dominoes’, which were both at the cusp of cracking the UK Top 20. She’s had plenty of feature credits and singles that never scaled the mainstream chart stratospheres, but with the prominent feature on David Guetta‘s newest Top 3 smash ‘Where Them Girls At’, things could well blow out now.

Britney Spears Femme Fatale keeps plummeting and I don’t get it. The album, which I will eternally defend as one of the most important records in her discography, has been freefalling ever since it came out. Femme Fatale sinks to #42 in Australia and #47 in the UK this week. It’s definitely fared far better in the US but even then, this week we saw it drop from #4 to #20. Gurl, you’re gonna have to work harder to keep our attention now with Gaga, RiRi and Katy running the game. It’s rumoured that Brit will film the video for her third single ‘I Wanna Go’ later this month.

Interesting chart snack of the week:

Shontelle‘s stunning ballad ‘Say Hello to Goodbye’ is enjoying some form of radio rotation in Malaysia. Yes, huntee. The third single off her underrated No Gravity album made the uber popular commercial station Hitz FM’s Top 40 countdown – a chart based on listener requests. Gurl, throw that in with your royalty cheque from RiRi‘s ‘Man Down’ and you can retire happy in Bermuda!


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